Hello Docsy!

Welcome to the Docsy blog!


It may seem strange to see a “Hello” post from a project that’s several years old, but as Docsy matures as a community-driven project, we thought it was time to (re)introduce ourselves and talk about what’s new with your favorite (we hope) Hugo documentation theme!

Discuss amongst yourselves

Our Discussions are really hopping lately! Don’t miss our notice of the upcoming deprecation of the Font-Awesome and Bootstrap git submodules or our announcement of our new governance model!

Milestones, releases, and roadmaps

We are planning our first official release of Docsy soon—check out the milestones for 0.2.0. Got a suggestion for the roadmap? Open an issue.

Coming soon: project metrics

Starting next month, we’ll publish project metrics here on this blog.

Introducing the PSC

Docsy now has a Project Steering Committee! The PSC members are @chalin, @LisaFC, @geriom, and @emckean. If you’re interested in serving on the PSC, open an issue and nominate yourself!

Contribute to the blog!

Also coming soon: contribution guidelines. Got an idea for a blog post? Open an issue!