Docsy priorities for 2024

TL;DR 1.4K projects use Docsy! The top user-project focused priorities for 2024 are: improving Docsy’s stability, usability & customizability, and cohesiveness while performing feature consolidation.

The Hugo-Docsy tool combo is powerful and effective, as I’ve blogged about elsewhere. It’s maybe no surprise then, to see Docsy used by 1.4K projects1. Why is Docsy popular? I can’t say for sure, but I use and recommend Docsy because it has the core features — necessary for publishing non-trivial tech-doc sites — that projects seem to want and need, including support for versioning, multiple languages, auto-generated site navigation, and more. It’s quick to set up, and it allows projects to focus on delivering site content rather than writing site template code.

User-project focused and long-term vision

Steering committee members, including myself, are actively supporting several projects at the CNCF and Google that rely on Docsy. Both as users and contributors to Docsy, we share a vested interest in ensuring Docsy’s long-term health. Our envisioned priorities for Docsy are:

  1. Stability of Docsy’s core through bug fixes and necessary upgrades — the migration from the end-of-life Bootstrap 4 to version 5 is one example of such an effort.
  2. Reducing technical debt.
  3. Improving usability, customizability, and maintainability by, in particular, working to more clearly separate and document “API surfaces” — or configuration / customization surfaces.
  4. Feature consolidation, which I will explain next.

Google open sourced Docsy a little over five years ago, and thanks to community contributions, it has grown in stability and its feature set. During that time, Docsy also accumulated considerable technical debt, and it now suffers (IMHO) from a mild case of software bloat/feature creep. So, in addition to investing in Docsy’s long-term stability and maintainability, we need to reaffirm Docsy’s core features and deprioritize the rest2 — lest we suffer a fate similar to projects like cross-env. Consider Docsy on a feature diet.

Before tackling 2024 objectives, we plan on setting up a test infrastructure with (a growing) suite of tests to help us ensure Docsy’s integrity as it evolves.


This is a tall order for 2024 and beyond, but I believe that slow and steady wins the day.

We’re eager to hear from you, the Docsy community! Share your thoughts on our focus areas and how we can enhance Docsy. Take a look at our issue triage into quarterly milestones for a rough idea of what is targeted for upcoming releases. Vote for or comment on issues that are important to you, and we’ll do our best to respond and adjust release targets within the boundaries of our set priorities. Better yet, volunteer to work on the current quarter’s tasks. As we start the new year, we’ll be especially interested in getting help with testing and feature consolidation.

  1. According to Docsy’s GitHub analytics↩︎

  2. Features outside the identified core could even be moved to a separate community-maintained repo. The steering committee is also considering a “plugin” architecture for some secondary features, such as (to mention just one) Mermaid support. ↩︎