Content and Customization

How to add content to and customize your Docsy site.

Adding Content

Add different types of content to your Docsy site.

Look and Feel

Customize colors, fonts, and more for your site.

Navigation and Search

Customize site navigation and search for your Docsy site.

Doc Versioning

Customize navigation and banners for multiple versions of your docs.

Docsy Shortcodes

Use Docsy’s Hugo shortcodes to quickly build site pages.

Logos and Images

Add and customize logos, icons, and images in your project.

Print Support

Making it easier to print entire sections of documentation.

Analytics, User Feedback, SEO

Add Google Analytics tracking to your site, use the “was this page helpful?” widget data, disable the widget on a single page or all pages, and change the response text. See what data is used to create the meta description tag for SEO.

Repository Links

Help your users interact with your source repository.

Taxonomy Support

Structure the content using taxonomies like tags, categories, labels.