Hugo Content Tips

Tips for authoring content for your Docsy-themed Hugo site.

Docsy is a theme for the Hugo static site generator. If you’re not already familiar with Hugo this page provides some useful tips and potential gotchas for adding and editing content for your site. Feel free to add your own!


By default, regular relative URLs in links are left unchanged by Hugo (they’re still relative links in your site’s generated HTML), hence some hardcoded relative links like [relative cross-link](../../peer-folder/ might behave unexpectedly compared to how they work on your local file system. You may find it helpful to use some of Hugo’s built-in link shortcodes to avoid broken links in your generated site. For example a {{< ref "" >}} link in Hugo will actually find and automatically link to your file named

Note, however, that ref and relref links don’t work with _index or index files (for example, this site’s content landing page): you’ll need to use regular Markdown links to section landing or other index pages. Specify these links relative to the site’s root URL, for example: /docs/adding-content/.

Learn more about linking.