Basic site configuration

Basic configuration for new Docsy sites.

Site-wide configuration details and parameters are defined in your project’s configuration file (config.toml or hugo.toml). These include your chosen Hugo theme (Docsy, of course!), project name, community links, Google Analytics configuration, and Markdown parser parameters. See the examples with comments in config.toml in the example project for how to add this information. We recommend copying this config.toml and editing it even if you’re just using the theme and not copying the entire Docsy example site, as it includes default values for many parameters that you need to set for your site to build correctly.

You may want to remove or customize some defaults of the copied config.toml file straight away:


The copied config.toml file defines content in English, Norwegian and Farsi. You can find out more about how Docsy supports multi-language content in Multi-language support.

If you don’t intend to translate your site, you can remove the language switcher by removing the following lines from config.toml:

title = "Docsy"
description = "Docsy er operativsystem for skyen"
languageName ="Norsk"
contentDir = "content/no"
time_format_default = "02.01.2006"
time_format_blog = "02.01.2006"

title = "اسناد گلدی"
description = "یک نمونه برای پوسته داکسی"
languageName ="فارسی"
contentDir = "content/fa"
time_format_default = "2006.01.02"
time_format_blog = "2006.01.02"

By default, the Docsy example site uses its own Google Custom Search Engine. To disable this site search, delete or comment out the following lines:

# Google Custom Search Engine ID. Remove or comment out to disable search.
gcs_engine_id = "011737558837375720776:fsdu1nryfng"

To use your own Custom Search Engine, replace the value in the gcs_engine_id with the ID of your own search engine. Or choose another search option.

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