Update Docsy without Hugo Modules

Update the Docsy theme to the latest version using submodules or git pull.

If you aren’t using Hugo Modules, depending on how you chose to install Docsy on your existing site, use one of the following two procedures to update your theme.

Update your Docsy submodule

If you are using the Docsy theme as a submodule in your project, here’s how you update the submodule:

  1. Navigate to the root of your local project, then run:

    git submodule update --remote
  2. Add and then commit the change to your project:

    git add themes/
    git commit -m "Updating theme submodule"
  3. Push the commit to your project repo. For example, run:

    git push origin master

Route 2: Update your Docsy clone

If you cloned the Docsy theme into the themes folder in your project, then you use the git pull command:

  1. Navigate to the themes directory in your local project:

    cd themes
  2. Ensure that origin is set to https://github.com/google/docsy.git:

    git remote -v
  3. Update your local clone:

    git pull origin master

If you have made any local changes to the cloned theme, you must manually resolve any merge conflicts.